To play the part

Slaughtered souls; the immolated masses pour forth from the carnal abyss, Stripped, abused bodies, cascading forth bringing their tragedy into the clinical hell of illusion. Here we are looking inwards. The world coalesces in spiteful furore. I’ve checked out of the hotel and settled in at the therapists. ‘Oh Mr. Brizell, that girl with the […]

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On 4:44 Jay-Z rapped ‘if everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane’ he wasn’t wrong. I’m looking around, at everyone, at myself, I’m looking too deep for my own good and being unsettled by what I see: cheating, degradation, self-harm, self-loathing. That’s just scratching away at the cracked porcelain surface. The world’s insane and I’m […]

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A brief inquiry into a village in Northern Britain

A small village nestled in northern Britain, unknown by even those who live nearby, yet unforgettable to those that reside within, and hardly for any good reason. Trees border the edges of muddy, disconcertingly empty farmland. Hay bales lie in unremarkable desolation; the winter scars the ground, Summer brings it into decay. To the naked […]

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i wander the woods in my dreams and hope to find an answer to my existential crises, i find only nothing

Time is passing me by, and I don’t have a hold on it or life anymore. Meanwhile Pitchfork today just gave two best new music tags to the new albums by Earl Sweatshirt and The 1975, both well deserved. On the other side of today today I found myself awake at 4 am my head […]

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Watching Bojack Horseman on anti-depressants

Well hell, there’s a need to overdo it with painkillers and spiritual self-harm, till even the Grim Reaper knows I’m too far gone. Things change? I bet you’ve heard that one before? Christ I’ve said it too many times before, let’s see if it sticks. A loved one told me, ‘running’ helps with your depression. It […]

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