I’m pretty sure I love you because you make me feel less cynical

Long day, long week, long month, long three months. Not much point in keeping count. Internal confliction is a rather terrible thing to feel, we are taught to stick to our beliefs and never feel anything else. You want to experiment with the same-sex, oh no don’t do that, that’s wrong. You really should. You […]

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You’re a beautiful girl (existentialism in a noose)

I write this to the backdrop of Father John Misty’s Pure comedy, in a rather unhappy mood, unwilling to make any social contact, appalled at the mere thought of the bullshit drivel I had to spend seven hours suffering through today. Only to find a rather empty space. I don’t feel compelled to start with ‘Humanity […]

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I am 

I’ve met a girl. I fell for her, I don’t fall for people easily. The past three years for me have been long, winding and occasionally torturous. Now here I am; most people piss me off. Her; well she doesnt, every message we exchange brings a smile to my face. It brings a long lost […]

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