Microfiction: It’s failed and there isn’t much that can be done

I hated most things; though I found solace in solitude and writing, as well as music. I sat up in my room, listening to The Smiths The queen is dead loudly. I knew that education had failed me, the teachers so damn carefree had with carelessness fucked about with education and now here I was […]

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Microfiction: Just another overly romanticised lake

The lake was unpleasant. That was the only way Mitchell Wright could put it. “Oh my god you still like her don’t you?” Sherrie Bluewood said to Mitchell, who sighed feeling stupid for what he had said. “Baby I don’t I just said we got to know each other more recently.” “Bullshit you liked her months […]

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Microfiction: The tree branches drooped down that day

The pathway was littered with leaves, brown and crisp, I could smell bacon in the air as I wandered past houses with soaked clotheslines outside. It was an all too similar Autumns day in Canada. The kinds of days which I had grown to despise. Autumn was when my wife Irene had died (which was eight […]

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Microfiction: Bloodshed

The prison was darkly lit, a lonesome light fixture flickered above, casting a lifeless shadow on the floor. Countless people wandered around it, violence in their eye and unhappiness and disenchantment all around. One inmate sat on a rotting wooden bench, fidgeting with his fingers. Whilst watching. He felt something slightly sharp poke him. All […]

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Microfiction: How are the Howard’s?

The Howard’s passed through the back alleys of Pomona, hurrying past the strange men in long black trench coats with unkempt hair and beards. Shuffling past the women in crop tops and hiked up skirts yearning for someone and something. Something that the Howard’s couldn’t provide and they were thankful that they  couldn’t provide. Allen […]

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