i’m not out here trying to create art; all I’m trying to do is create something Honest. i am trying to create something that is a reflection of who am i, Where i am and Where the world is (in my eyes).

art is just another label, like lesbian, gay and straight (to name a few). i guess to an extent i see myself as being of no definable, labelled sexuality: because quite frankly i don’t care, i am Nothing; i’m just flesh and bones, a slow decaying mortal carcass, just like the rest. For some that’s too cynical, and that’s okay. But for me it works well and i’m okay with it.

Looking for art, is looking down a bleak crevasse of faux-high-class-snobbery; it’s just another label, like all the other things that create so many violent ideologies, so much pain.

              a r t  i s  j u s t  a  l a b e l  fo r

                         H o n e s t y

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