Poem: We’ll hug (for the times)

Familiar respite;¬†Reading Keats, listening to Morrissey, drowned in sadness. Scribbling away in a battered notebook of poems about love and loss: poems you’ve read and poems you haven’t. You told me you pictured our future. Just weeks ago, blissful as ever. Now you claim just friendship. By last night you’d called me a twat. I’ve […]

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I’m pretty sure I love you because you make me feel less cynical

Long day, long week, long month, long three months. Not much point in keeping count. Internal confliction is a rather terrible thing to feel, we are taught to stick to our beliefs and never feel anything else. You want to experiment with the same-sex, oh no don’t do that, that’s wrong. You really should. You […]

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You’re a beautiful girl (existentialism in a noose)

I write this to the backdrop of Father John Misty’s Pure comedy, in a rather unhappy mood, unwilling to make any social contact, appalled at the mere thought of the bullshit drivel I had to spend seven hours¬†suffering through today. Only to find a rather empty space. I don’t feel compelled to start with ‘Humanity […]

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