I’m tired, I’m listening to System of a down loudly and writing this blog post, oh and it’s too fucking hot for my liking.

It’s been a surprisingly eventful and also fucked start to the week. From the supposed bare ass of a nineteen year old girl getting sent to her for everyone to see in revenge for simply voicing her rightful opinion.  Whislt nuclear weapons face renewal.

The fear of terrorism is in the air, the politicians of everywhere are still fucked,still selfish, careless assholes. Not much has changed. I hadn’t expected much to change, I just expected more skullduggery, madness and hate. I believe I’m correct in that more has come. The world is still fucked and corrupt, as slowly but surely murderers and  people who don’t deserve fame get it everything they want, allowed to indulge in it without any self-respect.

Well after this blog post the world still seems to be at threat of more massacres and more unnecessary deaths. The aroma of uncertainty is in the air and that has never led anywhere good, ever.

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