I walked a road once. 

Gambling and drinking.

My eyes wide shut to the oblivion I had entered.

Though one day I saw a girl.

Drinking alone in self-pity.

She knew so much.

Yet knew so few.

I stood in a shadowy alley once.

Lighter just wouldn’t light.

thinking the the light would push the darkness away just made myself more drunk.

Through the shadows I saw my empire of hedonism.

My wrong doings through the eyes of those I wronged.

I let them down.

In this swirling black hole of chastised chaos.

Now these broken thoughts haunt and taunt.

The stains of time recurring nightmares.

The rusty cage has held me down finally.

Spikes stabbing my soul.

Nails ripping my skin.

I drown in sins.

I burn in love.

The pain of condemnation.

Is no longer a burden.

For my stature has fallen into the divine abyss.

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